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I'm new...

This is my application-type-thing that I filled out in the community, _anti_theft_.. I didn't really know how to combine all the information without either getting pissed, or making it confusing.. So here you go. :)

By the way, I know I wasn't exactly nice.. But she refused to listen to other memebers of wicked_circus, and I was so fucking pissed..

That would be where I asked for the icon to be taken down, and stated a reason as to why I couldn't ask her myself in a comment (which should have been posted on her community application, which would be where she refused to take it down and started shit with the other members..) The link to her application is on my post in wicked_circus (link listed above), but it's useless because she deleted it.. :\

1.) Offender's screenname: Screenname? Dunno. LJ name? xdarkxtormentx
2.) Graphic(s) stolen: My Twiztid icon.
3.) Link to the community/journal where they reposted your work: http://www.livejournal.com/community/wicked_circus/461262.html?thread=5736398#t5736398
First comment.
I had found it on her community application, but it was deleted. Shane (klowndogg) also banned her from the community.
4.) Link to the post/website containing your original graphic(s):
5.) Other: She claimed to have taken the icon down, but really just removed it from default. Then put it back up.

Oooh, and my default icon, the milkshake..
If anyone in here knows who's it is, I want to credit them. :)
The only thing I know is that it came from DeadJournal.. :\
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