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The Internet [18 Sep 2006|09:46pm]

Someone took it. From me. After I spent yayers buildin' it. And stuff. I have an inkling that Al Gore had something to do with it, but I can't prove such. Gah. Wut me doos o' exalted icon herders? Yee gods of the icon engineer realms!?!?
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[30 Jul 2006|07:16am]

Please don't take this the wrong way, because Im not here to start drama.
Im just curious as to why icon "theft" is such a big deal. They're computer graphics and you cant really copywrite them. Sooo.. why all the fuss?
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[11 Jul 2006|05:44pm]

[ mood | okay ]

concorde_dreams has several uncredited icons, including a Stewie Griffin one I made that she's using as her default. I asked her to credit but she's just ignoring my comment.

thief! thief, I say!

[03 Jul 2006|02:08am]

Livejournal headquarters
Home of _anti_theft_
Sunday, July 2nd 5:56 PM

offender: celticdreamz
crime: theft of an icon in the third degree.
punishment: the electric chair.

After a harsh night of a breakup, discovery of colon cancer and a thirst for expression, I created the mod icon for _anti_theft_ which is displayed in the evidence provided today. Bursting forth from my artistic womb, nurtered by a broken heart and the discovery of a life threatening disease, i raised this little icon for 4 months before it was snatched up out of my calloused covered hands by the cruel offender, celticdreamz. She did not know how to take care of the soft blues displayed in the 100x100, the font cried for attention. But only the original maker can know how to tend to her injured icon. Her stolen icon. And as all icon makers know. Only the original icon can hear the cries from across the interwebz, the cries of an icon begging to be rescued, begging to return home to the soft warmth of the creators userpics. Bear with me for a moment while I explain in detail this vicious crime committed against me and little 100x100.

It was a cold night on livejournal. The communities lay quiet as all the ljers were asleep in their beds, safe with their icons alongside them. I suffered from a severe case of insomnia and found myself strolling along the unsafe and dark alleys of livejournal. The soft glow from the neighboring shitlist was the only light around for miles. I shuddered as it cast its warm drama-whorish glow upon my frozen cheek. I must hurry home to my icon. I bumped into my good friend toesinthesand05

Chitchatting about the latest icon theft, the local shitlist post and the news about the six apart take over down the road.

that's when it hit.


Please. all I'm asking is that little 100x100 is returned safetly to me and credited in your keywords. That's all I ask!!! If not I will be forced to make the drastic decision to make my world revolve around you. I will camp outside of your friends only post with nothing but the strong fierce love of graphic making and photoshop burning in my beating heart. I must unleash the horribly truth that us fellow icon makers have kept buried deep within our graphic making souls for eternity. I must unleash it for the sake of livejournal.

Christopher reeve falling off his horse and paralyzing his entire body from the neck down?

was the cause of his pain and tragic loss. We did it.

Terri Schiavo starving to death?

The ending of x-men III? uncredited icons. The whole theory of sequels? not crediting! Shay? ICON THEFT. Six Apart buying out the former owners of livejournal? ICON STEALING. Billy Bob Thortons acting and the Olsen twins movies? ICON THIEVES! Audrey kitchings bangs..... yes, i'm afraid so. uncredited icons.

and last but not least. the birth of everyone who posts in too_much_info? Their parents ....DID NOT CREDIT.

so the moral of the story is. If you don't credit my icon that I made, I'm going to text message jesus while he's on the way back from bingo and once he's finished healing the lepers down in ljsecret, he can have you wake up tomorrow, aids ridden, cancer struck and your entire family dead and your family pets hung from your ceiling fan. And once he's done that, he can reserve a seat next to LUCIFER DOWN IN THE BURNING FIERY DEPTHS OF HELL YOU FUCKING TWISTED HEARTLESS PSYCHOPATHS! MAY YOUR CHILDREN BE BORN WITH DEFORMITIES AND AFFLICTIONS AND MAY YOUR HOUSE BE STRUCK BY A HURRICANE AND THE PEOPLE OF NEW ORLEANS LAUGH UPON YOUR MISFORTUNE.

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THIEF!!!!!!!! [02 Jul 2006|06:18pm]

OK, like this icon that I'm using now took me FOREVER to crop and make and now OMGZ everyone in the redsox community is using it and isn't CREDITING MY AWESOME CROP SKILLZ!!!111

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[08 May 2006|08:36pm]
beastforthee and jack_death stole 2 of my personal icons made for me by friends, of pics of my daughter here http://community.livejournal.com/icontheft/27049.html?view=100009#t100009
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Cross-Posting [17 Mar 2006|03:42pm]

This post:


was made over in hotlinkers. I thought I'd cross-post it here to spread the word a bit more.

There are tons of hotlinked and stolen icons (and larger stills) at the listed sites.
thief! thief, I say!

[14 Mar 2006|10:41am]

You know...seriously.

I recognize quite a few of these from one of last week's challenges.



Her other Xanga site is Alternate Site

Check and see if any of your icons on are on there--they are hotlinked. I recognize quite a few. And, miss_jaffacake's icons are all over xanga hotlinked, if someone has her friended and
can let her know. Thanks!
thief! thief, I say!

[13 Mar 2006|02:54pm]

There are tons of Buffy icons that are being hotlinked here (including my own):


(Thanks to ctofine for the heads up!)
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[17 Jan 2006|05:47am]

+ Not dial-up friendly

+ Some aren't work safe

+ Don't credit

icons galoreCollapse )

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[03 Jan 2006|09:05am]

Someone on Xanga has stolen an icon that I made of my daughter and is claiming it as their own. I can't believe someone would actually do that :/ Does anyone know how I can get it removed? It's being hotlinked from my account and I've already deleted it from my user pics, but it's still showing up on her page

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[09 Dec 2005|02:22pm]

This icon was made for me by daikon and alex_jon stole it. I have asked him four times to quit using it and every time he just laughs in my face. I am getting real mad at him, he is a troll and he loves to make trouble for people. what should I do?
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What do you do when.... [07 Dec 2005|10:43pm]

Okay, so a lot of my icons were hotlinked to on two xangas and after I e-mailed them, they removed them. However, one says that they hotlink so that people don't steal their bandwith and the other says that they did post on their own server when I know that isn't true.

What the hell am I supposed to do about this? I don't want anyone to side with them and then do the same thing to me again and I really don't want to make my icon community/journal members-only. But I am way over my bandwith and its the beginning of the month, not to mention I won't get my bandwith back until the 22nd!

Is there anyone with suggestions?

And here are the two links:
1. http://www.xanga.com/bunniesluvbulgarians_hpd
2. http://www.xanga.com/hpicons_x
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I'm new... [09 Jul 2005|12:44am]

This is my application-type-thing that I filled out in the community, _anti_theft_.. I didn't really know how to combine all the information without either getting pissed, or making it confusing.. So here you go. :)

By the way, I know I wasn't exactly nice.. But she refused to listen to other memebers of wicked_circus, and I was so fucking pissed..

That would be where I asked for the icon to be taken down, and stated a reason as to why I couldn't ask her myself in a comment (which should have been posted on her community application, which would be where she refused to take it down and started shit with the other members..) The link to her application is on my post in wicked_circus (link listed above), but it's useless because she deleted it.. :\

1.) Offender's screenname: Screenname? Dunno. LJ name? xdarkxtormentx
2.) Graphic(s) stolen: My Twiztid icon.
3.) Link to the community/journal where they reposted your work: http://www.livejournal.com/community/wicked_circus/461262.html?thread=5736398#t5736398
First comment.
I had found it on her community application, but it was deleted. Shane (klowndogg) also banned her from the community.
4.) Link to the post/website containing your original graphic(s):
5.) Other: She claimed to have taken the icon down, but really just removed it from default. Then put it back up.

Oooh, and my default icon, the milkshake..
If anyone in here knows who's it is, I want to credit them. :)
The only thing I know is that it came from DeadJournal.. :\
thief! thief, I say!

Affiliate [04 Jun 2005|10:48pm]

I have added icontheft to the list of affiliates at _anti_theft_.
thief! thief, I say!

[30 May 2005|02:34am]


I've had the icon below for some time now, though I've only used it sporatically. What I ask is WHO does it belong to so I may get permission to use and at least properly attribute the work. I've fallen in love with it. :-(

thief! thief, I say!

[29 May 2005|08:24pm]

enchilladas stole an icon that was personalized for me to use by raptoe. enchilladas is also telling other l-jayers that they can use it too! :(


thief! thief, I say!

[24 May 2005|05:38pm]

[ mood | angry ]

I'm new to this community. I've never really had a reason to post here before.

Of course, I'd also never butted heads with a Skeptical and Paranoid Future Private Investigator.

So, this kid used my icon. I ask him for credit. He internet stalks me and asks for proof.

That's right, this little creep tracked down all of my blogging accounts. Honestly, it's not all that difficult, since most of them link to each other, but it's the fact that he took the time to do this which is truly creepy.

Anyways, the perp is lightingthedark and the post is here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/lightingthedark/7803.html

Oh, and hello.

1 gripe| thief! thief, I say!

wanna ignore me? ignore this: [04 May 2005|05:20pm]

I'm usually really tolerant of people. I made a few icons a few months back, posted them in lds_icons, I know I can't get people to "recognize" and "credit me" but I certainly have tried to be nice about it. When I run into others, who happen to have my icons and have them in their journals, I ask them to credit and they are MORE than willing to do so... most of it is that they just didn't know how to, or the proper etiquette, or they saw it somewhere and didn't know who did it...

I've asked this community lds_fellowship, via the email they have provided in all politeness, and they have ignored me. I actually know who runs this community. (An ex-acquaintance... who has in the past proven that they have some big chip on their shoulder about me, drama which doesn't need to be explained here...) I personally don't know their intention, but I feel that I'm being ignored. This community has had my icon on it for what two months?? (However long the community has existed.) I emailed them a week ago. So this is just the next step.

I'm sticking with the facts, which is also why I haven't included the lj user of the person who owns this community (I don't want to see them flamed), if this community wants to use my icons, I'm fine with that... but if they don't, that is fine too. I don't have to be mean to keep them honest. They are honestly stealing. For a religious community that seems a bit shady to me. (Some religious community right?)

I'll remove this post when one of two things happens... 1. they credit or 2. they remove the icon. They have a right to do nothing, and I have a right to request. If they don't want the bad rap, they certainly can comply.

I want to acknowledge that the lds_fellowship community has finally complied and decided to remove my icon. I'll be removing this post in a few days.
6 gripes| thief! thief, I say!

[28 Apr 2005|11:48pm]

[ mood | angry ]

dirtylaundry stole an icon that was personalized for me to use by repeatedly. the keywords for it are "Lo sin". :(

thief! thief, I say!

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