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icontheft's Journal

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Has someone stolen your icons? Have they refused to remove them after you've (repeatedly) asked them nicely to take them down? Have they even gone so far as to say that your icons are actually their icons?

Welcome to Icon Theft.

This is a community made for those who have been ripped off and want to make everyone aware of the person(s) who stole their icons. Report away and feel free to rant to your heart's content. This place is made for venting.

Some basic rules:

No advertising of other communities.
...unless they are icon related. Everything else should go in community_promo.

Keep entries on-topic.
Any entries that are not about icons or reports of icon theft will be promptly removed.

No cat fights.
Rant and rave and bitch all you want, but please try to refrain from starting fights in the community. If you are being accused of icon theft and do not agree with this assumption, take it up with the accuser his- or herself.

No trolling.
This should go without saying. If you post in here just to provoke a negative response from the community members, you'll be banned immediately.

No arguments about copyrights.
We've all heard the arguments before. Some say that icon making is copyright infringement, others say that icons are fanart and copyright doesn't apply. You have every right in the world to form your own opinion on the matter, but this is not the place to bring it up. Arguments about icons and copyright infringement almost always turn into flame wars and I simply do not want to see that here. If you want to see good argument that shows both sides of this issue, look here. Otherwise, please just leave the subject alone.

No icon pimping.
While this community is about icons, it is not the place to display and show off the ones you've made. There are well over 300 icon sharing communities. Pick one.

Give some evidence of theft.
While this isn't a requirement, providing links to the stolen icons (or journal graphics) in question is encouraged. It's always good to show some proof when accusing someone of stealing your icons.

I reserve the right to change these rules at any time.

If you have any questions or comments, contact merona.